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Summer of 2009 AHS Region 2 Popularity Poll Cultivars
"Tabulated by Joyce Hersh, AHS Region 2 Regional Publicity Director"

The daylily cultivars listed in the table below were the most popular plants among AHS Region 2 members in 2009.  AHS Region 2 encompasses the states of Wisconsin, Illinios, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.  The annual most popular cultivar poll provides useful information for daylily gardeners.  Cultivars in the top-25 list have well stood the test of time.  For example the average year of introduction for this year’s top-10 cultivars is 1994.  In addition to being robust performers, most-popular cultivars typically produce strong scapes with good branching and bud count, flowers that open easily and have a clear color, and unblemished foliage.    

One significant caveat is that our climate in Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula typically is harsher than in other parts of Region 2.  Thus, sometimes we may not be able to grow all of the cultivars that are voted most popular in Region 2.  Cultivars in the 2009 list marked with an “*” typically need winter protection in Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula and may not survive even with extra attention.

Please keep in mind... sooner or later, a particular combination of fall, winter and spring weather conditions can occur that will kill a plant that has survived well the past twenty years in a given garden.   While most daylilies that are long-time and good performers seldom have difficulties, it is not unheard of to experience a plant loss to extreme weather in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula.   

Knowing the hybridizer may be useful to a gardener when selecting other cultivars (certain hybridizers consistently produce high quality plants that do well in our region or develop lines that have characteristics that a northern gardener in looking for).  Not all cultivars, however, produced by a particular hybridizer may be winter hardy.

Each image is only a guide to the appearance of a cultivar's flower.  Therefore, a picture should not serve as the defining factor for purchasing a plant.  True colors (or hues or tints) of daylily flowers are often quite difficult to capture with a camera and can vary considerably depending upon lighting, time of day, camera settings, etc. 

In closing, also keep in mind that hundreds of wonderful cultivars can be grown in our region and a person should not limit themselves to popularity poll plants.  The annual poll, however, is a good place to start.

Cultivar Name
Primal Scream
(Hanson, C.)
Primal Scream
Large persimmon orange star shaped flowers that put on a big show.  Extremely popular.  Plants are husky, but increase relatively slow.  Tetraploid.
Ruby Spider
(Stamile, P.)
rubyspiderresc.JPG (40372 bytes)
Very large star shaped flowers on fast increasing plants.  Extremely showy in the garden.  Tetraploid.
All American Chief
ALL AMERICAN CHIEF.jpg (91751 bytes)
Excellent large red flower that is star shaped.  Dependable and productive.  Tetraploid.
Heavenly Angel Ice
Heavenly Angel Ice
Large icy cream-pink unusual form.  Excellent plant habits and hauntingly beautiful flowers. Diploid.
Webster's Pink Wonder
Webster's Pink Wonder
Huge pink unusual form flowers that may reach 14 inches in diameter.  This plant has been very successful in our area.  Tetraploid.
Bela Lugosi
(Hanson, C.)
belalugosiresc.JPG (53917 bytes)
Truly outstanding purple flowers that are carried on strong scapes.  Plants are large, sturdy and hardy.  Tetraploid.
*Beautiful Edgings*
Beautiful Edgings
Cream flowers flushed in pink with a darker lavender edge and no eyezone.  Needs winter protection in Northeast Wisconsin and may not survive even with extra attention.  Diploid.
*Moonlit Masquerade*
(Salter, J.)
moonlitmasquerade.JPG (668222 bytes)
Needs winter protection in Northeast Wisconsin and may not survive even with extra attention. Tetraploid
Red Volunteer
Red Volunteerresc.JPG (72977 bytes)
Excellent, large bright red flowers on strong growing plants.  Earlier than most reds.  Tetraploid.
South Seas
South Seas
Long time good performer in Wisconsin.

Other cultivars receiving votes in 2009: 

11. Swallow Tail Kite

12. *Bill Norris

 13. Moses’s Fire

14. Holly Dancer

14. tie Joan Derifield

16. Fooled Me

17. Shores of Time

18. Condilla

18. tie *Highland Pinched Fingers

18 tie. Indian Giver

21. Chance Encounter

21 tie. Strawberry Candy

23. Lavender Blue Baby

23 tie. Siloam Double Classic

25. Holiday Party



*May need winter protection in Northeast Wisconsin and may not survive with extra attention.


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