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B.A.D. Bud Member Gardens contain a wide range of plants, styles, sizes and features.  Some are small city gardens with exceptional style, others may be large and rambling.  Still others are the work of decades of collecting and encompass many acres.  Needless to say they are all a labor of love.  You'll notice that daylilies aren't the only things we grow!  Please sit back and enjoy a bit of visual candy!  Click the thumbnails for larger views........

Jersey Spider.jpg (16594 bytes) Ron and Sue Mickleson.jpg (30842 bytes) GBBG4.jpg (52643 bytes)
B.A.D. Buds display beds at Green Bay Botanical Gardens 2014
Dedication of B.A.D. display beds as AHS display garden. Region 2 President, GBBG Board Member, B.A.D. Buds President
July 2014
Member Garden
July 2014

'Jersey Spider'

Sue and Ron Mickleson in their garden Dedication of daylily display garden at Green Bay Botanic Gardens
GBBG5.jpg (28682 bytes) GBBG6.jpg (29655 bytes) Jason Salter.jpg (38614 bytes) Mickleson Garden 1.jpg (30319 bytes) Little Pierre.jpg (32648 bytes) Northwind Dancer.jpg (34476 bytes)
Director of GBBG (left) &  Bad Buds President at Dedication Daylily Information available at the Dedicaton Hemerocallis

'Jason Salter'

Admiring the flowers at the Mickleson Garden


'Little Pierre'


'Northwind Dancer'

Mickleson In Bloom.jpg (32884 bytes) gbbg 1.JPG (98184 bytes) gbbg 2.JPG (67769 bytes) gbbg 5.JPG (145061 bytes) gbbg 6.JPG (79230 bytes) gbbg3.JPG (84704 bytes)
Flowers beds at the Mickleson gardens B.A.D. Buds Daylily Bed at Green Bay Botanic Gardens...planted May 2005 Another B.A.D. Buds Daylily Bed at GBBG...planted May 2005 'Shores of Time' at GBBG with signage A gorgeous annual display bed at GBBG. B.A.D. Buds daylily display bed at GBBG in bloom for the first time


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